What defines B.BELT is a unique design aspiration that combines traditional saddling craftsmenship with modern, contemporary design for authentic people. B.BELT creates products whose quality you can feel. In close collaboration with glove makers, saddlers and fine bag makers, every detail of our product is developed, changed and adapted until we hold a perfect result in our hands. Others might focus on the cost of manufacturing – we focus on the joy of craftsmanship. And we’re confident you will see it – and feel it – in our products.

Our Values - What defines us


We want to create tangible products – to convey an experience as a brand. This applies not only to the softness of our belts, which we’ve honed for so long. Every encounter with B.BELT should feel real and immediate. We prefer the real to the artificial and try to express this in everything we do.


We celebrate freedom. The freedom to think and act differently. This core value manifests in one component of our product in particular: our rivets. Once purely a functional part of leather processing, today a symbol of nonconformity and freedom.


The fascination with craftsmanship and working with leather. Working together with people who want to make a difference. This dedication to creating something new is deeply rooted in our company history. At the same time, the passion of times past is also what drives us every day to go one step further than needed.


We believe it makes the world richer when not everyone is the same. We stand for the courage to be yourself. To not pretend. To make mistakes. To follow the road less traveled. To question and allow yourself to set out in new directions. So that which makes each individual special can unfold.


We look outwards. To social trends, innovations, and exciting developments in all areas of daily life. Our home is Metzingen – but the roots of our philosophy lie in the big cities and metropolises of the world, where new ideas are imagined and realized.

Handcrafting emotions

EMi, Head of Design at B.BELT, enters the headquarters. His destination is not the in-house design studio, but rather the production hall. There, in the sample department, he and his team test new prototypes together with technical experts. Testing materials and new production techniques is just as much a part of our designers’ job as the actual designing of belts. This is made possible by a simple fact: our design and production are housed under one roof. The following topics inspire us the most:

Nature: Color and shape ideas often come to us from nature. Structures, color worlds, and patterns. From the start, it has been important to us at B.BELT to create a product that is not artificially produced, but rather seems to have emerged organically. Feels natural. Despite all the metal we employ. What was once a challenge is now our greatest strength.

Zeitgeist: As a fashion label, we are engaged in constant dialogue with our complex environment. We regularly ask ourselves what role we play as part of society with our brand and our products. The roots of our style lie in urban subculture. Rivets as an expression of difference, individuality, freedom. With each collection, we integrate this attitude anew in our products to make it tangible in every piece.

Our brand: Despite our young history, there are many things we can be proud of. We are proud of the tactile quality of our materials. Of the precision of our rivet patterns. Of the timelessness of the design. But what inspires us every day is the dedication of each and every team member. The passion for making more than just “another accessory”. Every single one of our employees is committed day in and day out to making every B.BELT special. We do it so that each piece inspires and accompanies its owner for a lifetime.

How everything started

For decades, our parent company crafted belts for diverse fashion labels. In the mid-2000s, customer requests for premium denim belts began to accumulate. As an international belt specialist, we recognized the potential and market need. At last, we found a platform to fully realize our longstanding passion: creations made of beautiful, highquality leather – often with rivets, always with elaborate details and durable character. We formed a team of highly motivated experts with the right skills. Designers, leatherworkers, production and sales specialists – we all sat together at the round table in our production hall in Metzingen. We discussed, questioned, and thoroughly evaluated our ideas until late in the evening. At day’s end, we’d arrived at a decision. We wanted to tackle the challenge of creating our own premium label as a manufacturer. But if we were going to do it, then we were going to do it right: “We will push the limits of materials. The limits of what’s possible.” The concept of B.BELT was born. But from the beginning we faced obstacles. We quickly realized that if you extensively and tightly fill up belts with rivets, they become hard and no longer feel nice in your hand – the opposite of what we wanted. In the following months and years, we tested unusual methods from diverse processing traditions. And we did so with the utmost passion: In the beginning, we punched up to 600 holes by hand in every belt using punch pliers. Each rivet was pressed individually. Our designer EMi and his team worked nights in the studio. Hundreds of cups of coffee and several packs of cigarettes* later, the result finally emerged: a radically overhauled manufacturing process, whose culmination redefined the standard for rivet belts.

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