2022 Collection Effortless


Freedom and free spirit, hope and courage - the sea. Created by nature, inspired by wild rocks that are effortlessly polished into shape by contact with water - a perfect, organic form.

The natural structure of leather is highlighted by the subtle embossing, creating depth and giving liveliness. Flowing, irregular rivet patterns that appear soft when viewed as a whole and almost melt into the leather, convey the natural effortlessness.

2022 Collection RAW


ROHSTOFF is the German word for RAW MATERIAL. They are primary goods that are taken from nature to create something new. They are important ingredients in everything we need for life. In our case, leather and metal are key ingredients. Inspired by the unique surfaces of these raw materials, as well as bold accents and purposeful irregularities, we've created a collection that captures our identity like no other.

Uneven metal surfaces provide structure and depth, affording a highly sculptural flair. Perforations add contrasting and vibrant accents to the leather, pairing beautifully with diverse metal elements.